Together We Vote.

The freedom and right to vote is one of the greatest parts of the American democracy. We cherish this freedom and want to call on you, Omaha, to be informed, get registered, finding your polling place and exercise that right to vote on November 3. Your community matters. Your vote matters.

With COVID-19 and flu season approaching, voting by mail is a secure and safe option to make sure your ballot is counted. Here’s 3 ways it can be beneficial to you:

• Voting from home during COVID-19 gives you peace of mind about your health safety

• Voting from home gives you time to study and learn about the local candidates that represent you.

• Voting from home gives you the opportunity to get help, if needed, with English translation.

To request a mail-in ballot go to https://www.vote.org/absentee-ballot/ Be sure to request this application by October 23 (Nebraska) and October 24 (Iowa) #TogetherWeVote