Become a Community Access Point (CAP)

In July 2020, the Refugee Empowerment Center began development of a network of Community Access Points (CAPs) throughout the state of Nebraska that serve as a point of contact for refugees needing assistance.  This allows non-native English speakers to receive help finding assistance and applying for resources in a language they feel comfortable in speaking.

The full of CAPs has not been published yet, but here is the list so far:

To serve as a CAP, you need to be willing to receive phone calls from the public. As a CAP you will help your community by completing online referrals or online applications (in English). This will help refugees get the support they need. You can be a nonprofit organization, community association or church, or an individual.

To sign up to become an CAP, click the following button:

Assistance Applications

Emergency Assistance from ORR

(Mortgage assistance, Rent assistance, Utility assistance, Technology assistance)

Refugees, SIVs, Victim of Human Trafficking, Asylees, Cuban or Haitian Parolees (statuses defined by the Office of Refugee Resettlement) that arrived in the United States within 5 years may be eligible for assistance with their mortgage, rent, utilities and/or receiving a laptop or tablet.  To receive assistance, applicants must complete an application and do a phone interview with an Access Point.  Click the buttons below for links to the application and phone interview:

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance (Omaha-only)

(Assistance paying up to $4,000 for COVID-19 funeral for low-income refugees and immigrants in Omaha)

Click the button below for eligibility criteria and to apply for this funding:

New Americans Centralized Referral 

(Help accessing all other community resources)

There are many nonprofits in Nebraska serving refugees and immigrants; however, it can be difficult to keep track of all the resources available and who to contact for help.  If you are working with a refugee that has any needs, you can fill out this centralized referral form and check all the boxes for services they are interested in:

Training for CAPs

Training on Becoming a Community Access Point

The following topics are covered in the training:

  1. Why are Community Access Points being created?  
  2. Who can become an Access Point?
  3. What are the benefits of becoming an Access Point?
  4. What is required of you when you become an Access Point?
  5. How to sign up to become an Access Point?
  6. What type of Access Point should I sign up to be?
  7. Will I be compensated for my work?  How will I be compensated?  
  8. What types of assistance can I provide? 
  9. I have ideas on additional organizations or people to become Access Points – who should I tell?
  10. Who can I reach out to with questions or feedback?

Training on how to complete the Emergency Assistance Application

(This includes rental assistance, housing assistance, utility assistance and technology assistance)

The following questions are answered in the training:

  1. Who is eligible for assistance?
  2. How do they apply?
  3. What documentation is required?
  4. What amount should they apply for?  
  5. How long is this funding available for?  How are funding decisions prioritized?
  6. Why is a phone interview required and how do I do it?
  7. Who is this information submitted to and who makes the funding decisions?  
  8. I’ve heard there may be other rental assistance available through the CARES Act, the county or other nonprofits?  Can my client get funding from multiple sources?
  9. How are checks mailed out and how is technology distributed?  
  10. When will funding decisions be made?
  11. Will I be informed about the funding decision?
  12. Who to contact with questions or feedback?

Become a referral partner

Become a referral partner

If you are interested in being listed on the New Americans Centralized referral form, please complete the form below:

Update your information

If you’re currently a referral partner, but you need to update your services or other information, please complete the information at the following link.  You can also email Alana@refugeeempowerment.org if you have questions or need more information.