Community Access Point (CAP)

In July 2020, the Refugee Empowerment Center began development of a network of Community Access Points (CAPs) to better serve resettled refugees needing assistance throughout the state of Nebraska.  CAPs may be caseworkers, social workers, or simply multi-lingual community members willing to help people as needed.  This allows non-proficient English speakers to receive assistance identifying and applying for resources in the language they feel most comfortable speaking, and in the locations most convenient to them.  REC offers training, support, and resource updates to CAPs as we partner to ensure New Nebraskans are integrating successfully across the state.

Our list of CAPs is continuously updated:

Community Access Points (CAPs) help New Nebraskans (resettled refugees and immigrants) access the social services they need and deserve.  As a CAP, you will help your community by completing online referrals or online applications (in English).  To serve as a CAP, you need to be willing to receive phone calls from potential clients. CAPs may be affiliated with other organizations or independent individuals. REC reimburses CAPs for their time when assisting New Nebraskans with one of our programs, but please be advised that is for REC programs only at this time.

If you are signing up as an independent individual, please complete the background check as well to ensure the protection of client information.

Translated Community Access Point (CAP) Flyers

Flyers are available in various languages, explaining how to reach CAPs for assistance.

New Nebraskans Centralized Referral

Become a Referral Partner

If your organization provides culturally effective services that benefit refugees and immigrants in Nebraska, please consider becoming a Referral Partner!  Referral Partners identify point people on their team willing to receive and promptly respond to requests from the New Nebraskan Centralized Referral process.  Your organization’s programs and services would be directly linked to the referral form; if an applicant requests a service your organization provides, you would receive an alert via email that includes the request as well as the potential client’s contact information.

Through centralizing the referral process, we can better work together to achieve our shared goal: improving the lives of New Nebraskans and help them successfully integrate into our great state!

New Nebraskans Centralized Referral 

Researching, making calls, sending emails – sifting through all the programs and services available to find the one that would best suit your needs can be overwhelming as a newcomer – or even as an experienced caseworker!

The idea behind this centralized referral form is simple: complete one submission and your inquiry is routed to the appropriate provider/s, then they reach out to you with access information within 10 business days!

This form can be completed by the person in need, by their caseworker, or by a CAP (please only request the services you really need and plan to follow through on so as not to overload organizations with unnecessary referrals).

Training for CAPs

Training on Becoming a Community Access Point

The following topics are covered in the training

(Click the button to the right for the answers):

  1. Why are CAPs being created?  
  2. Who can become a CAP?
  3. What are the benefits of becoming a CAP?
  4. What is required of you when you become a CAP?
  5. How to sign up to become a CAP?
  6. What type of CAP should I sign up to be?
  7. Will I be compensated for my work?  How will I be compensated?  
  8. What types of assistance can I provide? 
  9. I have ideas on additional organizations or people to become CAPs – who should I tell?
  10. Who can I reach out to with questions or feedback?