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Volunteers are key to successful refugee resettlement.  Our newest community members rely on the time, talent, and energy of volunteers to introduce them to their new city, new neighbors, and new everything!  As a volunteer, you help provide the critical friendship and cultural navigation that enables someone to feel a little more at home in a strange place. 

We ask that volunteers respect the cultures, religions, and values of our clients even if they differ from your own.  We will not tolerate any attempts at ‘conversion’ or allow other societal pressures to be placed upon people who are already experiencing so much change and loss.  We hope you understand. 

Volunteers are expected to maintain healthy boundaries.  Please remember, you are a friend, not a surrogate parent.  Clients maintain the right to make any and all decisions concerning themselves and their families. 

For tips on how to be a GREAT volunteer, check out the The Omaha Refugee Task Force. 

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