Get Involved


Volunteers are key to successful refugee resettlement. Our newest community members rely on the time, talent, and energy of volunteers to introduce them to their new city, new neighbors, and new everything! As a volunteer, you help provide the critical friendship and cultural navigation that enables someone to feel a little more at home in a strange place. 

When a new family arrives, we help them rent and setup their first apartment 

This would include things like helping pick up furniture, moving in furniture, washing linens, stocking the kitchen, collecting clothing and toy donations. The most critical volunteers are people that are actually willing to help move in the furniture. Sign up to be included on our list and then we send out the date and time for the household setup when a new family arrives. This is an easy way for people to jump in and help without a significant commitment. 

Support refugee women gaining critical work and language experience 

Many refugee women lack formal work experience when they first arrive. Working together to create these candles is a good first step in gaining identity and experience outside of the home. It also allows an opportunity to practice English. Volunteers and refugees work together to create these candles – giving refugees the opportunity to practice and refine their English skills. Volunteers can also help to provide childcare to support the work of our women. 

Additionally, you can support Project Refugee by becoming a member for as little as $15/month.

Form or join a co-sponsor group to help a family for their first year 

As a more significant commitment, co-sponsors agree to volunteer 4-6 hours per month for their first year to help welcome a family to their new community. Becoming a co-sponsor requires flexibility to help meet the family needs but could include things like helping drive clients to the grocery store, introducing them to nice places to visit in Omaha (like libraries, museums, and parks), visiting the clients and helping them practice English, helping clients understand their mail, etc. At its core, co-sponsors would be serving as a group of “first friends” that check in with the family on a regular basis and provide some ongoing support, encouragement, and help.