Resettlement and Placement


The R&P program is responsible through the Department of State cooperative agreements to provide the following services to refugees during the first 90 days of their arrival to the U.S.:

  • Secure safe and affordable housing, furniture, household items, weather-appropriate clothing, and more
  • Apply for economic assistance programs available to newly arrived refugees
  • Medical screenings and referrals
  • Social security enrollment
  • School enrollment
  • English classes enrollment
  • Employment services
  • Cultural orientations

Every refugee across the U.S. has a per capita fund of $1,175 designated for payment to or on behalf of the refugee during the R&P period of 90 days. The $1,175 is available in its entirety to the refugee for cash disbursement or material goods to meet the requirements of the R&P program.

For additional assistance for the well-being of our clients, the R&P caseworkers refer eligible clients with mental health issues to our on-site Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, who offers guidance through REC’s Preferred Communities program.


Preferred Communities (PC) aids refugees with special needs who require intensive case management. To be referred to this program, the refugee must have completed the R&P period and be within 3 years of resettling to the U.S. The PC program provides further financial and integrative support for refugees with Behavioral Health, Intensive Case Management, and Employment needs. PC-Behavioral Health is managed by our Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner. PC-Intensive Case Management is for Nebraska DHHS benefits, housing, and Secondary Migrants’ special needs and is managed by the R&P staff. PC-Employment is managed by the Employment staff.

PC is funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement. REC’s PC program, like our R&P program, is administered by our national voluntary agency, the Ethiopian Community Development Council.