For Employers


Refugees are Work Authorized
Refugees are fully authorized to begin working immediately upon arrival in the United States. There is no expiration time for this authorization.

Excellent Work Ethic
Having lost their homes, personal property, and careers in their native countries, refugees have a strong desire to rebuild their lives and regain self-sufficiency and economic stability for their families.

Tax Incentives
Your business could qualify for certain tax credits and training incentives when you employ those receiving public assistance. Contact us for more information on the Workforce Investment Act.

Skills and Experience
Refugees have a variety of work experience and skills. Many are well-educated and were professionals and small business owners in their native countries. Their knowledge, skills, and abilities coupled with positive work ethics and willingness to learn are qualities that U.S. employers seek for their workforce.

Promotes Community
Hiring refugees not only assists them on their path to self-sufficiency in the United States, it adds diversity and richness to the workforce and ultimately to the community at large.