Speak up for meat packing plant workers’ safety amid COVID-19.
They need paid sick leave, PPE and social distancing measures intact.

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Make a $15/month (or more) online recurring donation as a “Refuge Member” and we’ll mail you Refuge candles four times a year. These candles are handmade by refugees right here in Omaha and come in scents like lavender, vanilla, soothing orange, orange clove and rose. You give, we give.

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We’ve created Refugees Welcome and Immigrants Welcome t-shirts to show support for our refugee and immigrant family, friends and neighbors. Buy a t-shirt and spread the love. Part of the proceeds go to REC!

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& Vision

Our Mission:
We resettle refugees in Nebraska and provide them with the support they need to become self-sufficient.

We are a community-based, Nebraska 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Our Vision:
To help people fleeing violence and persecution in their country, people who have given up so much to work towards the American Dream. We are a catalyst in welcoming these immigrants and refugees into Nebraska and in doing so we hope to create a stronger and more diverse community for all of us.