Fulfilling our mission means helping refugees become self-sufficient – quickly.
We can only succeed with your help!

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We’ve created Refugees Welcome and Immigrants Welcome t-shirts to show support for our refugee and immigrant family, friends and neighbors. Buy a t-shirt and spread the love. Part of the proceeds go to REC!


“We are very thankful for the chance to learn here.” -Ahsan

REC provides the social services and educational support that fleeing families need to get off to a new start. This includes: resettlement, English second language classes, cultural orientation, employment readiness instruction, budgeting, understanding public transportation and driver’s education training . Watch her video to learn more about AhSan’s journey to Omaha and how REC has supported her along the way.

& Vision

The mission of the Refugee Empowerment Center is to resettle and empower refugees to become self-sufficient through direct services and educational programs.

REC envisions a world where communities welcome all refugees and immigrants.

We see ourselves as catalysts in the work of building welcoming communities. We aim to build relationships and a cross-cultural understanding between the Omaha and refugee communities.

We are a community-based, Nebraska 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.