On-site Training

English Language Classes are held on-site Monday through Friday from 9:30am – 11:30am. Four levels are provided to accommodate the varying needs and English experience of refugees overseas. These classes are not called English as a Second Language (ESL), as English is many times the third and fourth language newcomers are learning.

Class levels include:

  • Pre-Literate
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

After completion of the Advanced level class, we make referrals to entry level classes at Metropolitan Community College and other local colleges, as needed.

English classes are available not only to newly arrived clients, but are also utilized and offered to refugees enrolled in Employment First, Aid to Dependent Children, refugees resettled by Lutheran Family Services, and secondary migrants to Omaha. Referrals between English classes and those provided by Yates Community Center are also available, depending on each client’s specific needs.

The English classes help refugees improve their communication with others, further their education and job seeking abilities, and become more easily integrated into our community. Classes are offered at our office: 3610 Dodge St. Suite 100, Omaha, Nebraska 68131.

On-site English classes (as with our other empowerment programs) have proven to be more successful than outsourcing such education because they are designed with the refugee clients’ needs in mind. Refugee clients feel safe and comfortable at our office, as they are familiar with and have entrusted multi-lingual, multi-cultural staff to assist them with resettlement in Omaha. Classes are small and personalized to provide a positive learning environment to help refugees overcome intimidation.