Volunteer and Co-Sponsorship Program

Refugees are most successful when communities welcome them and get involved in their integration and support them in becoming self-sufficient. With so many new arrivals coming, we need everyone to pitch in to help our newest community members be successful! Questions? Email Nikki at nikki@refugeeempowerment.org. 


  1. Commit to a volunteer opportunity that works best for you or your group.
  2. Contact our team.
  3. Go through the background check and brief training process.
  4. Start volunteering!


During volunteer training, you will learn about the process from the time refugees are forced to leave their homes to the time they settle in Omaha. We will discuss your role and the people who will support your work. We will review the most respectful approaches to communicating and working with refugees from different cultures.


Some options for volunteering are:

(Group of 7-10)

This is normally a commitment by an organization such as a religious congregation or corporate body to provide help to one single family for a full year. A group of 7-10 are trained.

This model requires that the group raise at least $3,000 for the family’s needs

With guidance from the case manager to ensure compliance and to ensure core services are met, co-sponsors will be involved in almost every aspect of the resettlement process

Co-sponsors meet weekly with the case manager and family for upcoming needs and guidance

Resettlement Volunteers
(Group of 7-10)

Each group is assigned to one of our Resettlement and Placement Case Managers to complete tasks for several refugee families once a week. The volunteer team may be asked to set up a new home or buy groceries for arriving families. This is a great opportunity for student groups!

Education Volunteers


These volunteers may work as individuals or, even better, in pairs and help refugees with needs such as teaching classes and assisting with school enrollments. Some current positions open are:

  • Individual English conversationalist (especially female) willing to go to homes to practice English
  • Child care helpers during classes
  • Volunteers to teach Cultural Orientation, Job Readiness, Driver’s Ed, Entrepreneurial and Citizenship classes (curricula provided)
  • Volunteer to enroll children into schools
  • Volunteers to enroll youth into after school programs or provide mentorship and homework help
  • Individuals to transport refugees to driving tests
  • Driver’s Ed teachers for driving practice
  • Volunteers to follow up with entrepreneurs and help get individual businesses off the ground
  • Volunteers to teach refugees to ride the bus from their homes to key places in the community (school, work, grocery store, clinic)

Employment Volunteers


  • Volunteers to transport individuals to job orientations
  • Volunteers to teach newly employed refugees to ride the bus to work from home or link with workmates who live in the same area

Preferred Community Volunteers


  • Volunteers to accompany clients on walks in the community, show them how to navigate public transportation, or teach them basic chores at a very patient pace.

Apply to be a Volunteer Here.