Urgent Items Needed For Afghan Families

Together with our partners at Restoring Dignity and The Furniture Project, we’ve assessed everything that’s been donated and here are items that we are running low on:

✅ Bath towels

✅ Kitchen towels

✅ Bed in a bag, twin and queen size (comforter, sheets and pillow cases all in one) –see our Amazon list

✅ Laundry detergent (prefer unscented)

✅ Can openers

✅ Garbage bags (kitchen size)

✅ Mattress protectors (must be bed bug proof), twin and queen needed most

✅ First aid kits

✅ Tool kits (one of those overlooked items that is very needed if anything needs to be built, batteries need to be replaced, and to do basic home repairs)

✅ Ziplock bags

All of these items can be purchased on Restoring Dignity’s Amazon list: https://a.co/cZ1NpS0OR

You can also sign-up for a 5 minute drop off time. We have ADDED days and evening hours on Tuesdays! https://rdomaha.org/donation-drop-off-2/

Refugee Empowerment Center and Restoring Dignity are not able to pick up furniture and other donated items at this time. Thank you for your understanding.