• Marilyn Sims
    Marilyn Sims Executive Director
  • Marni Newell
    Marni Newell Director of Programs and Compliance
  • Effie Pettinger
    Effie Pettinger Accounting Specialist
  • Mary George
    Mary George Receptionist
  • Mary Hei
    Mary Hei Reception and Placement Caseworker
  • Mariam Adams
    Mariam Adams Reception and Placement Caseworker
  • Eh Blu
    Eh Blu Reception and Placement Driver and Case Aide
  • Jmaleldinn Adame
    Jmaleldinn Adame Employment Caseworker
  • Knae Eh
    Knae Eh Employment Caseworker
  • Ramesh Gurung
    Ramesh Gurung Employment Caseworker
  • Win Ber
    Win Ber Employment Caseworker
  • Yogendra Pant
    Yogendra Pant Preferred Communities Program Coordinator
  • October Aung
    October Aung AmeriCorps Member
  • Kathy Laughlin
    Kathy Laughlin English Teacher
  • Susan DelSenno
    Susan DelSenno English Teacher
  • Debbie Newell
    Debbie Newell English Teacher
  • Katarina Gleisberg
    Katarina Gleisberg English Teacher
  • Erin Moore
    Erin Moore English Teacher

Office Hours: Monday – Friday – 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tel: (402) 554-0759

Email: info@refugeeempowerment.org

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  • Erik Omar
    Erik Omar President
  • Jossy Rogers
    Jossy Rogers Vice President
  • John Else
    John Else Treasurer
  • Mandy Wood
    Mandy Wood Secretary
  • Brian Blackford
    Brian Blackford
  • Aimee Freeman
    Aimee Freeman
  • Amanda Kohler
    Amanda Kohler